Coatings-Linings for Water District No. 1 of Johnson County.

Project Information

  • Project: Coatings/Linings and Cathodic Protection
  • Client: Water District No 1 of Johnson County
  • Location: Lenexa, KS

Coatings/Linings and Cathodic Protection

Genesis has performed numerous projects for Water One either as a General Contractor or as a Subcontractor. The largest of such was a $2,121,586 project. The scope of work included Genesis self performing the preparation and lining/coating application of various structures. Genesis sub-contracted removal and re-installation of some clarifier components along with removal and re-installation of cathodic protection equipment.

The owners schedule was very aggressive which required all work to be performed starting in September and to be completed and ready to be placed into service by June of the following year. Because of the cold winter months along with the requirement to control all dust and overspray from entering adjacent equipment, we knew most of the structures would need to have containment built and climate control equipment utilized. This also required us to synchronize the work that required the most effort to maintain climate control to be performed prior to the winter months leaving the easiest and less costly structures to be performed during the coldest of the winter months.

The first phase consisted of pressure washing and over coating 5 silos. Containing abrasive blasting and painting 1-170’ secondary clarifier. Containing, heating, abrasive blasting and painting 1-130’ primary clarifier. Containing, heating abrasive blasting and painting the interior and exterior of 1-400,000 gallon wash water tank. This phase was completed by December 31st.

The second phase was almost identical as the first phase but was performed in a reverse schedule starting with the containment, heating, abrasive blasting of the 2nd 400,000 gallon wash water tank, 2nd 130’ diameter primary clarifier, 2nd 170’ diameter secondary clarifier and lastly painting of 5 more silo’s.

Genesis safely and successfully completed this work, with help from our subcontractors, while meeting all of the owner’s requirements and expectations and further entrenching our relationship with Water One.


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