Underground Tank Cleaning and Inspections for City of Independence.

Project Information

  • Project: Physical Tank Entry, Cleaning & Inspections
  • Client: City of Independence
  • Location: Independence, MO

UST Physical Tank Entry, Cleaning & Inspections

Project Scope:

  • Entry and cleaning of two 10,000-gallon and one 3,000 underground fuel storage tanks
  • Conducted internal tank metal integrity assessment
  • Conducted internal tank lining assessment

Details on Physical Tank Entry and Lining / Integrity Inspection

The inspection process consisted of physical entry into the UST’s and completing the inspection process as required to by Standard API 1631.

The inspector entered the tank and conducted an initial visual inspection of the tank and noted observations. From there, the inspector conducted ultrasonic metal integrity testing to determine metal thickness and potential metal loss of the interior tank material. The inspector also utilized an “Elcometer 456” film thickness gauge to determine existing lining thickness and conducted numerous thickness tests throughout the tank interior for to determine lining thickness. This is done to see if the existing lining meets the requirements as outlined in the American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard for “Interior Lining and Periodic Inspection of Underground Storage Tanks”, Section 8.2, paragraph 8.2.4.

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