Multi-Tank Installations and Environmental Remediation

Agency/Client: Quik Trip

Contract Number: 17028
Contract Type: Subcontract

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Project Details

Genesis provided multi-tank installation services at several Quik Trip locations, accommodating expedited schedules and tight working conditions with numerous trades on a small site.

The scope of work at this location included soils excavation and rock breaking/removal at the new underground storage tank pit, installation of the engineered slide rail shoring system, setting four (4) new fuel tanks ranging in size from 12,000 gallons to 20,000 gallons, backfilling tank pit with clean rock, and excavation/backfilling of trenching for new fuel lines and electrical conduits.

Additionally, Genesis provided contaminated soils haul off and disposal associated with former underground storage tanks, and coordinated efforts with KCP&L to move and cover nearby overhead lines.

Contract Value at Time of Award: $173,427.00
Current Contract Value: $185,736.84

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A 90 TN crane lifts and sets all the deadmen anchors and each of the four (4) new fuel tanks into the prepared tank pit. Each tank is inspected before it is removed from the truck, and secured by straps immediately upon being set into the tank pit.
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A telebelt is utilized to place over 1,000 tons of clean rock below and around the new tanks after all the tanks have been properly strapped down and secured to the deadmen anchors. The telebelt ensures that the rock is placed in even lifts around each tank to ensure a good installation.