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Agency/Client: Kansas City Power & Light

Contract Number: M4194
Contract Type: Master Service Agreement
Project Title: MSA, Kansas City, MO

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Provide a variety of services related to critical infrastructure construction, tank integrity inspection, repair, high-performance coatings and linings, emergency response, excavation, demolition, trucking, asbestos and lead testing and abatement, energy management consulting, site remediation, and various environmental consulting services. Great Plains Energy is the parent company of KCP&L and this MSA can be utilized by any of its affiliates.

Upon notification of each MSA work order requirement, Genesis works closely with KCP&L to fully define and clarify the scope of the requirement; prepares a proposal that includes a cost estimate, schedule, and supporting documentation including design documents; and negotiates a fixed-price agreement to perform the work. Project-specific planning documents are prepared for each work order and include CAD drawings, work plans, health and safety plans, and quality control plans.

The general scope of the Northeast Station Turbine Plant project involved cleaning and inspection of a 5.2-million-gallon, steel, aboveground storage tank (AST), demolition of underground fuel system piping, and design and installation of new aboveground piping. The original scope of work for this project was to perform American Petroleum Institute (API) 653 inspection of the tank structure. Due to deficiencies found during inspection, the scope of work was greatly expanded to accommodate required tank repairs. Genesis was responsible for all aspects of performance, from project planning and design, to execution, implementation of quality control and safety programs, and project close-out activities. Genesis managed three subcontractors responsible for electrical and mechanical aspects of the work.

Planning and Design Documents. Shortly after award, Genesis prepared and submitted a Project Work Plan, Quality Control Plan, and Health and Safety Plan. Genesis also prepared design documents for the containment grading and surveying, as well as the new piping installation.

Preparation Activities. Prior to entry and inspection of the AST, Genesis personnel performed preparation activities including: topographic surveys and preparation of CAD drawings; grading and construction of an access road for equipment and FRAC tanks; disconnect of drain fuel lines from the pump station; transfer of the remaining approximate two-million gallons of fuel to another KCP&L location for storage until project completion; purging the tank with positive pressure and testing the tank for flammable vapors; and confined space entry in preparation for American Petroleum Institute (API) 653 inspection activities.

API 653 Inspection, Sandblasting & Tank Lining. Genesis personnel performed an API 653 inspection of the tank structure, verifying tank construction to API 650 standards and standard edition utilized for construction. The inspection included performing Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT) on each shell course and exterior roof shell courses, a visual inspection of all internal support structures, vacuum box testing of all floor welds, magnetic particle examination of all nozzle welds; internal tank bottom survey to determine tank settlement, and Magnetic Flux Leakage scan to the entire bottom surface. Genesis collected the data, and completed and submitted an inspection report to KCP&L.

Genesis performed interior sandblasting of, and application of 100% solids epoxy lining to, the tank bottom and upwards on the tank shell to two feet (approximately 18,613 s.f.).

Containment Grading and Restoration. Genesis utilized the topographic survey and drawings to grade the approximate 130,000-square-foot containment to achieve proper slope and drainage, moving an excess of 10,000 cubic yards of material. Restoration included compacting and seeding.

Fuel Piping Replacement. Genesis performed excavation and removal of the underground fuel system piping, design and installation of new aboveground piping, cathodic protection system testing and reporting, and transportation of the stored two-million gallons of fuel back to the original location.

This project required preparation, implementation, and enforcement of strict project-specific safety and quality control plans. Part of the company’s safety program for this project included adherence to OSHA Permit-Required Confined Space Entry standards to prevent exposure of personnel to dangerous air contamination, oxygen deficiency, and physical hazards associated with confined spaces. Confined spaces include, but are not limited to, tanks, ducts, pipelines, sumps, sewers, trenches, vaults, and similar spaces not intended for continuous human occupancy and meeting the criteria described in 29 CFR 1910.146.

14009 Denim Water Tank Inspection $19,993.75
14028 NE Station $5,731.20
14080 Montrose Generating Station $8,292.50
14102 Generator Retrofit $48,978.35
14129 NE Station Chime $8,556.00
14134 NE Station Turbine $238,972.00
14196 Vent Install $2,779.17
** Genesis’ previous MSAs with KCP&L from 2008 to 2013 with a combined total of approximately $2 million.

Period of Performance: July 21, 2014-July 21, 2015 (Current MSA)
Contract Value at Time of Award: N/A
Current Value: $333,302.97