Tainter gate at project start.

Project Information

  • Project: KCP&L Montrose Tainter Gate Lead Abatement & Painting
  • Client: Kansas City Power & Light
  • Location: Kansas City, MO

Lead Abatement and Industrial Painting of Tainter Gates and Bridge

Surface preparation and repainting of the four tainter gates and bridge structure. Class 1 containment was required for the removal of existing failed lead base coatings utilizing dust collection equipment to ensure lead dust would not contaminate the water or surrounding environment.

Pretox was applied to the existing coating followed by abrasive blasting to a SSPC SP-10 to remove all paint and rust followed by a 3-coat zinc, epoxy, urethane system @ 14 mils total DFT on the bridge and downstream side of the gates. The upstream side of the gates were blast to a SSPC SP-5 followed by 1 coat of aromatic polyurethane @ 40 mils DFT.

Genesis was responsible for all containment, abatement, handling and disposal of lead generated waste along with application of paint materials.


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