Scrubber building at project start.

Project Information

  • Project: KCP&L LaCygne Generation Station Environmental Retrofit-BOP Demo
  • Client: Kansas City Power & Light
  • Location: La Cygne, KS

Demolition, Lead Abatement & Painting

Surface preparation and repainting of the remaining existing steel beams of the AQC Scrubber Building after demolition of all interior surfaces. Complete Class 1 containment as required for the removal of existing failed lead based coatings. Power washing to remove buildup of debris. Removal of failed or unsound existing coatings by abrasive blasting with coal slag and Blastox additive. Application of new coatings to include spot priming of bare surfaces and one complete top coat to all remaining exposed structural steel surfaces. Removal, hauling, and disposal of lead contaminated paint, blast media and dismantled the containment structure at the conclusion of the project.

Although this project was not on a military installation, the facilities did have a secured perimeter and security measures where all employees were to complete a background check by the customer to be granted access.

In addition to lead paint remediation, abrasive blasting and applicate of numerous painting systems, Genesis is also well versed at handling, testing, and remediation of many other waste’s such as asbestos, mold, PCB’s and other potentially hazardous wastes which may found throughout the base.

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