KCMO Basin project.

Project Information

  • Project: KCMO Primary Basins 5 and 6 Lead Abatement and Painting
  • Client: City of Kansas City, MO
  • Location: Kansas City, MO

Lead Abatement and Industrial Painting

Radmacher Brothers Excavating was contracted by the City of Kansas City Missouri as the general contractor to disassemble 2-190’ basins, replace the submerged steel and reassemble the basins. Genesis was hired by the general contractor to perform the lead abatement and repainting of the non-submerged portion of the basins.

Genesis purchased and had installed a 50’ long by 18’ wide by 16’ tall reclaimed blast booth utilizing steel grit. The blast booth was setup with HEPA filters, so it could be used for lead abatement projects such as this project.

With our semi-trucks and trailers, we delivered all the sections to our blast/paint facility, off loaded with our 10-ton overhead crane and was able to place the 40’ sections into the blast booth to perform the lead abatement while prepping the surface to a SSPC SP-6. Afterwards, the components were painted with a 3-coat zinc/epoxy/urethane system.

After final inspection, each section was then returned to the job site for the general contractor for reassembling. Genesis then touchup before the basins were placed back into service.

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