Tank Replacement and Site Remediation for Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Project Information

  • Project: Children’s Mercy UST Removal and UST Installation
  • Client: Children’s Mercy Hospital
  • Location: Kansas City, MO

Tank Replacement and Site Remediation

Genesis was subcontracted to remove two 10,000 gallon and two 20,000 gallon Underground Storage Tanks, lines, and related accessories. This inluded removing the residual tank contents and containerizing into drums for analysis. Also, vent and monitor tank interiors for explosive vapors, lift tanks from pit, cut access/demo holes in ends of tanks; clean and haul tanks to landfill for proper disposal. Once cleared for backfilling, return stockpiled soil to tank pits. Genesis also provided and placed limestone screenings as additional fill to make up for tank displacement. Once analytical was complete, profiled, hauled and disposed of drums/totes of non-hazardous residual product/solids and tank cleaning sweeps.

Genesis excavated a Duel bay shored tank pit for the two 30,000 gallon UST’s and hauled off all spoils as unsuitable clean fill. Finally, Genesis set deadmen retaining walls and new tanks.


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