Internal Tank Lining for Bayer Crop Science.

Project Information

  • Project: UES-EQ Internal Tank Lining
  • Client: Bayer Crop Science
  • Location: Kansas City, MO

Internal Tank Lining for Bayer Crop Science

Genesis performed various coating and lining applications for Bayer Chemical Crop Science at their KCMO Front Street location. Most notably is the lining of their new 150’ diameter by 20’ high, 2.36 million gallon primary equalization tank. The scope of work included abrasive blasting all of the interior surfaces to a SSPC SP 5 followed by application of CeilCotes 600HB lining system.

Prior to any preparation, Genesis procured Dryco’s DH5000 desiccant dehumidifier along with their 30 ton ArcticDry mechanical dehumidifier. The combination of the two units allowed for maintaining humidity suitable for continuous blasting without fear of losing the required SP 5 blast before priming was performed. With the added ArticDry unit, this ensured the temperature inside of the tank would not inhibit the workers ability to perform their work safely during the summer months. This also in turn kept the metal surface below the maximum recommended temperature needed for application of the lining system.

To meet the schedule provided by Bayer, Genesis needed to have 6 blasters working inside the tank 10 hours a day six days a week. We utilized two of our 160 cubic foot-4 lug blast pots running 3 hoses off of each. We provided 1600 CFM of air to each blast pot. Worker safety is Genesis primary concern so we also provided all workers Nova Talk radios which allowed for our foreman and Bayer’s hole watch to be in constant contact with all the workers during the blasting operation.

Once blasting and cleaning was performed and approved by KTA’s NACE level 3 inspector, Genesis primed all surfaces with CeilCote’s 680 primer at the required dry mil thickness. CeilCote required the “hinge joint” at the shell-floor transition to have their fiberglass reinforced EJ-10 flexible membrane system. Genesis stripe coated all welds and roof beam edges with CeilCotes 600 prior to final application of CeilCotes 600HB at 30-50 mils DFT. All of this work was observed, documented and approved by the KTA inspector.


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